Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

Wines and cellar Solar de Urbezo. D.O. Carinena, Zaragoza (Spain).

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Los Cabos de Urbezo 2019

REGION: Aragón.
TYPE OF WINE: Organic young red.
VARIETY: 100% Garnacha.

THE LAND: The microclimate, the stony soil and the flora and winds of the Sierra de Algairén are essential for the vineyards to reach their full potential in the Paraje URBEZO, obtaining low yields of excellent quality and organic wines with great expression.
PLANTATION FRAMEWORK: Marco real, 2.20 x 2.20 m
YIELD: 2.8 kg/vine.
PRUNING: Traditional pruning in the winter, green pruning in May 2019.
AGE OF THE VINES: 45-71 years old
HARVEST: By hand, morning sun, from 10th to 11th September 2019.
WINEMAKING PROCESS: Cold maceration and alcohol fermentation in controlled temperature for 10 days in stainless steel tanks, devatting and malolactic fermentation.
ALC/VOL: 14 % Vol.
BOTTLED: March 2019.

TASTING NOTE: Deep red purple cherry colour. Primary aromas of ripe berries blended with balsamic notes. Round, full bodied, full of tactile sensations and taste. Well-balanced, has a good acidity and quality tannins leaving a good aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: "Piquillo" peppers stuffed with lobster. Deer sirloin with buckwheat and tomato marmalade. Black pudding and wild mushroom lasagne. Game, red meat, lamb roast, foie gras and cheese. BEST SERVED AT: 16 – 18 °C.

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